Allison Sweeney – Customer Care Manager

allison sweeney 1

SiteInSight is pleased to welcome Allison Sweeney to a new position we created in our company to improve the customer experience for our monthly customers (search engine optimization, routine content updates, security and technical maintenance, email newsletters, blogging and social media) and our web design project customers.

Allison is originally from Steubenville, Ohio but moved to Columbus in 2005 to receive her undergraduate degree from The Ohio State University. Her studies focused in film studies with writing and reporting for news media as a specialty. She recently completed her master’s degree in Art Administration with a focus in marketing and non-profit organizations from Drexel University. She has steadily and happily worked with non-profit organizations around the city for the past four years.

In her free time Allison enjoys reading anything and everything, especially film reviews and related articles. She also spends her time experiencing new cities, spending time with her large family, and adding to her film repertoire.

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