Success Story: Gaining a Google Knowledge Panel

Have you ever Googled a celebrity and the first thing that comes up is a set of boxes with their photograph, overview, personal data, et cetera? For example, if you Google “Tom Hanks,” a whole page of information comes up for him, and then a list of his films. These are called Knowledge Graphs.

SiteInSight can help secure one for anyone with enough externally validated success. Have you written a book? Is there a Wikipedia listing for you or your work? Other types of successes include numerous links from government (.gov) websites, academic (.edu) websites et cetera.

We not only help evaluate whether having your own KnowledgeGraph is a realistic goal, but we can increase your chances of getting one in the future. Or, if you already have a Knowledge Graph, we can work with you to claim and optimize it.

A Knowledge Graph has many virtues. You get more control over your web presence and improve the quality of what shows up when someone Googles your name. It allows you to bolster your online reputation. You can further leverage your celebrity with search engine recognizability.

Whatever your goals are, you can have control over online presence. Let SiteInSight claim and improve a Knowledge Graph, if it’s right for you.

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