Featured Client: Fantastic Cleaning

fantastic cleaning

The owner of Fantastic Cleaning was recommended to us via his accountant. This is a company that has been doing great work in the Columbus area, especially with large commercial jobs such as grocery stores. For many years, they had been getting along just fine without a website, but ultimately the owner felt he was missing out on some contracts because the company wanted to see a website as a sign of legitimacy and good reputation.

At some point in the past, the owner of Fantastic Cleaning had paid another web design company to create a website. However, instead of taking the ball across the finish line and launching the website, the other company created a design and saved it on a flash drive and handed it off to Fantastic Cleaning! The average business owner should not need to spend time and money figuring out web hosting and how to launch a website. These are details which, although technically onerous and often rife with trouble, should be handled by the web designer. If a client pays for a website, at the end of the project they should be able to go to a URL on the Internet and see their website.

SiteInSight stepped in and created a website for Fantastic Cleaning, providing some additional services to help with the content. The original text from the first design attempt was available, but there were spelling and word usage errors. A funny anecdote revolved around one of the cleaning services offered for large areas of tile floors. The original website materials were written “floor striping.” SiteInSight’s owner, Alice Foeller, had a job in college in the custodial department at Worthington Schools. Part of the job was stripping and waxing floors. So Alice knew it was supposed to be “stripping” instead of “striping.”

We also used Photoshop to remove recognizable store labels from before and after photos. We wanted to show the dramatic difference a commercial cleaning made in refrigerated cases in the grocery without embarrassing the grocery store in the process.

The finished website was simple and listed the many commercial cleaning services offered by Fantastic Cleaning, which helps when the company is bidding on new projects or negotiating with new customers.

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