Featured Client: Softworks

website design softworks after

Despite being a tech company, Softworks was suffering from a very outdated website. Like most “computer people,” the husband-wife team who run Softworks created their own website. It was pretty great in the ’90s, but as with many older websites, as screen resolution improved, the site began to look very skinny. The actual website takes up less than half the width of a compact laptop screen, and is practically a vertical ribbon on a wide screen monitor.

Softworks spoke to SiteInSight about their needs, which were a bit broader than the website redesign and included some branding and logo work, too. We helped them organize the many facets of their business, which helps government entities with computerized record-keeping, into a more useable website.

Their new site is at Softworks.org

Check out the before and after:


Old Site
New Site


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