Featured Customer: Buckeye Bounce Houses

website design buckeye bounce houses

We had a great time working with Kyle Heichel from Buckeye Bounce Houses. SiteInSight met Kyle through the Genoa Township Business Association.

Kyle runs a great business that rents bounce houses to families in Columbus and Central Ohio who want to host a bounce house party, or are operating a festival or fun fair.

This is the first project that SiteInSight owner Alice Hohl has shown to her kids and they have actually shown some interest in! Unfortunately they didn’t care that she was redesigning their website. They were only concerned about whether they would be able to use the bounce houses. 🙂

Kyle’s previous site was colorful and fun, but most of visible area of the homepage was created with Flash video, which does not show up on many mobile devices. This left Kyle’s target audience (moms using mobile devices) unable to see his company name or logo. We renovated the site design with more modern elements, made it look more professional all around, and improved the usability for customers looking to close the deal and reserve a bounce house.

We also performed our famous exit checklist, which not only ensures functionality and a bug-free launch, but also makes the site perform very well in Google search, right out of the box. This was critical for Kyle, who receives most of his business leads from web search.

Visit the site to see how well it works!


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