Featured Customer: Spectrum LED Solutions

website design spectrum led solutions

We’ve been taking a lot of new websites live in the past weeks, and one we would like to feature is Spectrum LED Solutions.

This is a new company in Dublin, Ohio. Spectrum assists businesses exchange their incandescent or fluorescent lighting for LED lighting. Whether it’s a single office or an entire college campus, Spectrum takes the detail work out of this cost-saving and energy-saving task, auditing your needs and presenting you the cost savings you will realize when you make the change. The company coordinates selecting and ordering the appropriate fixtures and completing the installation. You sit back and save money.

We’re particularly proud of their website because of the way the company’s branding and colors are integrated across all the pages. Their logo is even used in place of the standard “loading” visual in the homepage slideshow of images. To see more, click on the image of their homepage below.



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