A message from Alice Foeller:

At SiteInSight, gratitude is our primary focus this week. (For example, we are grateful that we aren’t a retail store, having to choose between braving the Black Friday madness or making an expensive values-based stand like REI, which will not be open on Black Friday.)

I am grateful for customers like you, who have allowed us to grow from a tiny startup to a well-known company providing great web design and online marketing for your hard-working organization and more like you. I can remember when I made space in my first office for an intern. It was my first experience having any help. The space we shared was so small that if I needed to leave the room, my intern, Jessica, would have to scoot in her chair so I could squeeze past.

Now we have a nice office suite near the airport, with a stable force of employees and contractors. I’ve been selected as one of the participants in Scale Up America in Columbus for 2016, and I’m immensely grateful for that opportunity. I’m thankful for the wonderful people who work diligently with me on your web design and search engine optimization projects. I’m thankful for the chance to serve your organization.

Allow me to share a quick story: I belong to the Kiwanis Club of Columbus, which focuses on education, leadership and community service benefitting children in Columbus. We have a lunch speaker each Monday, and this week Rachel Lustig, CEO of Catholic Social Services, gave a presentation on happiness. She said 50 percent of our happiness potential is built into our genetics and wiring; 10 percent is influenced by our circumstances; and 40 percent is for us to control, by our thoughts, attitude and intention. I think 40 percent is a lot. Rachel offered that gratitude as one way to increase the happiness quotient of the 40 percent over which we have control. I agree.

Allow me to thank you for the genuine efforts you all make each day to keep your businesses, churches, nonprofits and clubs vibrant. Our job at SiteInSight is to make sure the rest of the world can see it, too.

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