Homepage = Billboard

The homepage of your website is like a billboard. People don’t “read” a billboard so much as glance at it and gather it’s meaning in a second or two.

Have you ever gone to the homepage of a website and not been able to figure out what they do? Do you then click around to try and figure it out? Making a user click around your site to figure out what you do is not the way to get business.

The goal when making a website is to have the user understand what your company does from the moment they arrive at your homepage. The quicker the user figures out what you do, the longer they will stay on your website and explore.

To have a successful homepage:

• Use images with text to portray what you do
• Text should be used sparingly
• Use color to highlight the text that is 100% necessary for the user to read
• Make the feel of the homepage match the feel of your business

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