Automated Marketing

How Automated Marketing Helps Your Business

Creates an Online Version of Sales Process

We mirror your live sales process in the online space. This step often helps you become more precise in both processes. The online version of your process will run automatically, like a sales person who never sleeps and never forgets to follow up.

Segments Your Audience

Because the CRM (client relationship management database) runs along the online market campaigns, beautifully crafted messages are customized to the types of lead and personas.

Times Your Messaging

Send customized marketing messages to targeted leads at the perfect moment. We can set timing based on a calendar OR based on actions people take on a landing page, email or ad campaign.

Nurtures Slow Leads

Long sales cycles make it challenging to track leads and keep them alive. With automated marketing, we can set schedules to reach leads every two weeks, or even every few months, with customized messages.

Supports Complex Workflows

Our strategy team works with you to create and implement ideas that work. The software can support nearly infinite complexities and dependencies so we can create and measure the effectiveness of the schedule, timelines and customizations to best get leads to the next step.

Closes the Deal

We can use the technology to turn leads into prospects, nurture them as they learn more and come to trust you, and then have them complete the sale.

A consultation meeting is the first step. We'd love to be there.

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