Google Ads and Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Google Ads and other pay-per-click (PPC) options such as Facebook Ads and Bing Business Ads are effective methods of targeting potential customers at different points in their buying experience.

Display Ads

If you are selling a new product or service that people don’t even know that they want, that requires display ads on a variety of websites or on YouTube. People will learn about your product or service while exploring something related. For example, they might learn about your newly invented five-wheeled scooters when exploring a website about skate parks.

Search Ads

If you want to target customers who already know what they want to buy, and they are just searching for where to make their purchase, Search Ads are the way to go. You’ll show up on the search results page if they are searching for that product or service. We can set up the ad campaigns, create the ads themselves, and most importantly, monitor your ad strategy over time to try new methods, eliminate methods that aren’t working for you, improve your ads, and earn more clicks and sales.

Our Google Partner Status

At SiteInSight, we are proud to have achieved Google Partner status, which highlights our experience and knowledge in implementing Google Ads for our clients. Partner status is awarded based on meeting training measures, having experience with a significant amount of ads, and maintaining a high quality score on the ads we are managing.
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