Online Reviews

A bad review can turn your day upside down. You just want it to disappear…but it is just too late. While we can’t make that review go away, we can take action to prevent it from happening in the first place. And we can help you gain new, positive reviews to minimize the bad one. SiteInSight can help you take control over your reviews before you have to read them online.

It feels like a nightmare…you search your company online and find a bad review. Your star rating has gone down. You think to yourself, “No problem, I’ll just ask some friends to write good reviews for the company.” They had better be tech-savvy friends because it will take a substantial amount of time to work through all of the obstacles that Yelp and Google put in their systems to prevent you from soliciting good reviews. So the reality is that your Mom will be the only person to write a good review for your company! And, that bad review is never coming down. You are stuck.

SiteInSight uses an amazing and easy system that walks your best customers through the process of leaving a review and makes it super simple. And the best part is that you don’t have to lift a finger. You can connect the system to one of your existing processes, such as invoicing or email, and your clients will automatically be asked for a review.

How can you guard against a bad review? The system asks your clients if they would recommend your business. If the answer is yes, it leads customers through a very simple step-by-step process. If the answer is no, the program notifies you, the business owner, allowing you to have the opportunity to rectify the issue. You can turn a complaint into a satisfied customer before you read about the problem online. And, that is really what you want, right?

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