Social Media

Social Media

These days, everyone is a social media expert.

At SiteInSight, we were actually on Facebook way back in 2004. (2004!)

Social media is the perfect way to increase your exposure for free. That’s why we at SiteInSight have been using Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and other free services for years as an avenue for promoting news and events about organizations and customers.

SiteInSight can set up your social media and give you a blueprint and tips for keeping the momentum going, or we can take over and make your posts for you.

Many social media “experts” and SEO companies promise to generate a certain number of social media posts or blog articles per week. Frequently this content consists of generic articles about your industry, and has nothing to do with your company.

They post the same article on the sites of your competitors.

At SiteInSight, we feel genuine news about your company (i.e. new employee, staff member working on charity project, facility improvement, new product, success story) is the best way to attract and keep real customers as your social media connections.

Using staff with a background in journalism and reporting, we can extract this news from you and your staff and create a viable social media campaign for you.

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