SiteInSight Customer Care Manager position

SiteInSight is pleased to announce that we are continuing to grow, and adding a Manager of Customer Care to ensure our creative projects stay on track, our customers receive timely attention to their needs, and our office and team run smoothly.

Candidate Attributes

The ideal candidate will have both “left-brained” organizational aptitude and the ability to learn technical skills, as well as “right-brained” people skills and creative energy. A journalism or communications background is a plus.

Job Description

The Customer Care Manager will have a variety of duties, as team members working in small businesses tend to have. The most important of these is communicating with customers and keeping customer requests and creative projects on track. Customers will call and email with requests, and the Customer Care Manager will assign the tasks to the appropriate team member using our online project management system, or take care of the customer’s needs immediately as appropriate.

A brief outline of job responsibilities follows. Please note this is not an exhaustive list.

  • Field calls and emails from customers, gain an understanding of the website changes or updates they require, and translate these into concrete tasks assigned to the appropriate team member(s).
  • Keep customers updated on the status of ongoing projects.
  • Complete customer requests where appropriate (minor changes to website, update events calendar, add new blog post, create email newsletter, etc.)
  • Reply to requests for proposals and quotes from potential new customers, with the help of the CEO.
  • Schedule appointments for team members.
  • Add text, images, events and other items to customer websites.
  • Contribute to office organization and presentation with respect to facilities, files, and preventing the plants from dying.
  • Occasionally assist with entering company financial information, such as categorizing expenses or digitally storing receipt images.
  • Represent SiteInSight at community events and business networking meetings.
  • Bring to bear your creative skills on customer projects, in the planning and design stage, or through graphic design, writing or other creative talents.

Nature of Employment

SiteInSight is a small and flexible company with a caring corporate culture. We work hard for our customers, and at the same time, we value our team members and their individual needs and working preferences. It is important for all of our team members to value and respect one another’s strengths.

The Customer Care Manager position is designed as an entry-level part-time position. ($10-$12/hr) The success of the person in the position will enable the company owner to improve sales and revenues, which will ultimately allow the position to increase in scope, with improved hours, wages and benefits over time.

The office is located near Port Columbus International Airport, in a small office park in Gahanna.

Although we do not currently offer an expansive benefit package, we do have the following opportunities:

For all team members:

  • The ability to purchase an individual health insurance plan through our company broker, with reasonable premiums and access to a health savings account.
  • Our Employee Assistance Program, which provides access to a variety of professionals in the areas of mental health, financial planning, family counseling and wellness.
  • The ability to contribute to the charity of your choice directly through payroll contributions, via the Community Shares network of local charities.
  • The ability to contribute to an investment or IRA account directly through payroll deduction.
  • Flexible scheduling

For full-time team members:

  • Paid time off
  • Federal holidays off

Application Procedure

Interested candidates should email a resume and cover letter to Alice Foeller at or call the office at 614-887-7483 with questions.

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