Small businesses have an edge on Facebook

According to a recent article in PR Daily, Facebook executives recently acknowledged what many of us already suspected: if the majority of people who “like” your company or brand ignore your Facebook posts, those posts will not show up in most people’s Newsfeeds.

Let me back up: First let’s state the obvious. You as the Facebook user do NOT see everything every friend of yours posts on Facebook. Facebook chooses what to put in your Newsfeed based on several factors, which used to be a secret. There are ways to see every single post, but most people don’t know how to switch back and forth. Besides, Facebook is getting pretty good at figuring out what you, the user, are interested in seeing, based on the things you click on and the things you “like.”

So, one of the secret factors that determines whether your brilliant Facebook post about your small business will show up in the Newsfeeds of all of your favorite customers is … whether or not a large percentage of your Facebook Fans paid attention to your posts in the past.

Large brands are crying foul because it’s difficult for them to get more than five or six percent of their fans to pay attention to their posts. That’s because they have a huge number of fans.

Small brands and small businesses have an edge. Because they have a smaller audience, if they post good content and a high percentage of their audience clicks on it, their posts are more likely to show up in the Newsfeed.

At SiteInSight, our mission is to help small businesses compete on the web against the big guys. We create dynamic websites on a budget. We automate everything we can to make life easier for the small business owner. For example, this post you are reading right now was first posted on our company’s blog. Then it was automatically pushed to social media upon publication by a tool inside our website. Later this month, it will harvested from the blog and plopped into an email newsletter BY ROBOTS. Ok, not by robots, but by a few lines of computer programming.

We think it’s a good model for all small businesses. If you need help setting up something similar for your small business, please give us a call.

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