Welcome to our newest team member!

Photo Brent Danforth 1 scaled

It’s been so busy, we forgot to tell you how much we’ve been growing!

Last year we added a project manager, Jenny Leal, and also brought on two part-time student workers with skills in video and social media, and the ability to execute the small, detail tasks on website projects that make a big difference for our clients, such as converting PDFs of articles into web pages.

This year, we added a graphic designer, Brent Danforth, to a new Digital Design and Strategy role here at SiteInSight. Brent brings a master of fine arts to the table, as well as a lot of common sense problem solving, which comes from his years of experience in website and email design. We are excited to officially welcome Brent to the team after several months of working with him on an ad-hoc basis on client projects.

Including our longest-serving employee, William Goff, who brings programming, WordPress, PHP and plugin experience, and our CEO, Alice Foeller, that brings our team to seven. We have strong contributing writers, Korie and Mikko, who create original, authentic articles and social media posts for our clients. And we continue to work with our colleague and neighbor, Shankar at Your Webster, for e-commerce and shopping cart applications. It’s a great, cooperative environment of varied skills, coming together for the benefit of our clients.

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