What is a Blog and Why Do I Need One?

Blog Post Computer

What do you think of when you hear the word blog?  Or blogger?  You might think of a young person writing about a recipe, or tips on organization.  And, that is one segment of the blogging world.  But the truth is that to reach your customers and potential customers on a regular basis you must have a blog on your website.

A blog is nothing more than an articles section on your website, and each blog “post” is much like a short magazine article.  This is a blog.  It is a way for a business owner to “talk” to clients about current events at a company, or maybe about services offered or even seasonal news.   It is a way to get information to the public…to tell your story.   Think of it as standing in the doorway of your business and telling people why they should come in.

And, if that isn’t enough incentive to have a blog on your website, there’s more.  When you put up a new blog article monthly, it shows search engines that you are paying attention to your site, that it is being updated frequently, and search engines like that.  They want to send people to active websites.  It helps the optimization of your website and moves it up the ladder in the search rankings.

So, now that you know how important your blog is, you are ready to write a blog article every month, right?  But it just doesn’t happen.  Most of our clients start off strong, but after a few months realize that they just are not getting to it.  They’re busy running their businesses.  That’s where we come in.  We have trained journalists who can interview you each month on a topic of interest and write it for you.  Or, we can write on a topic that is current in your industry.   We feel that it is important that your blog posts sound authentic, organic and personal.

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