Make your company blog work for you, and save time.

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Does your company or organization have a blog, but you are not using it because you think it is just one more thing you have to do? 

What you might not know is that your blog has the capacity to do several tasks for you, and eliminate a few items from your list instead of adding to it. 


A real blog (one that creates links for each article individually, and records the date and author for each post) also has something called an RSS feed. This RSS feed is very useful. It means that your blog is kind of like its own broadcasting system. You can use the technology that creates the feed to do all sorts of useful tasks.

Your blog feed can post the articles on your site to your social media profiles. So, blog first, then hit publish, and you can go ahead and check off “social media” from your list this week.

Your blog feed means your articles will show up in Google’s Blog Search, which will improve your search ranking in that subset, but also in overall Google Search. So, blog and watch your search ranking rise!

Your blog feed can integrate with certain email newsletter services to create an email newsletter for you from the articles you’ve already written on your blog. Blog first, then your newsletter will appear. Voila! If you are reading this article in an email from SiteInSight, you can see this technology at work. SiteInSight does not create a newsletter each month. We simply set our newsletter program to access our blog feed once a month, and pull the articles into a pre-set newsletter format. It’s like magic!

So get blogging! If you need help with the technology integrations, drop us a line.

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