Practicing what we preach: We redesigned our site

siteinsight website design page

Here at SiteInSight we realized how silly we looked blogging about mobile-friendly web design when our own site was not responsive. (Meaning it didn’t adjust in size and navigation for tablets and smartphones.)

We don’t like to be hypocrites, so we undertook a redesign last month that gives us a much more professional look and modern feel.

It’s a bit crazy how I could look at our site and it just felt two years old. A lot of our customers come to us with sites that are five or 10 years old, and it shows. They want to build a more successful business, but the face they are showing to their most tech-savvy customers is dated and tattered.

We hope you enjoy our new look!

As always, our design portfolio (which has been updated with our best-looking new sites we’ve launched) is a major piece of the site.

We also have a new page describing our affordable website maintenance plans. If you don’t have someone on staff who can keep your site updated with fresh content, you need outside help. We offer an extremely low price, and it comes with a monthly report on your website traffic!

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