Add a Button to Your Website for Customers to Schedule Appointments

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In Ohio and some other states, the governor is recommending that businesses schedule appointments with their customers, rather than having them walk in anytime and wait in public areas together. Banks have begun to allow customers to enter branches only by appointment, and so can you!

However, to make this process smooth and avoid creating extra paperwork, you need a simple button on your website that allows customers to choose their appointment time. To keep your sanity, you need to make sure they don’t schedule at the same time you have other plans or meetings.

SiteInSight can help.

We can create appointment scheduling buttons for your business as a whole, or for individual team members within your company. The customer will be able to choose from available times. You will be able to block out whatever times you want from your normal calendar you use everyday, whether that’s Outlook or Google.

You will receive a notification when someone schedules with you, AND the appointment will appear automatically in your calendar. If you use Zoom, you can integrate it with your account and a Zoom meeting will be automatically created. Your customer will receive an email confirmation, as well as a reminder.

Please contact us today to add this useful and time-saving feature to your website. You can also send the link in emails to your customers.

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