Need to Adjust and Update Your Hours and Open Status Frequently?

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SiteInSight has an affordable plan for keeping your hours updated in the 80+ places online your customers might look for them, and all you have to do is call or email with your new hours. Update your hours online with Google with a simple phone call or email.

With Covid-19 policies changing which business are open and closed at different times, many companies are changing their hours frequently. You may change your hours on your own website, but still find customers complaining that you are not open when you said you would be.

That is because there are many places where your hours are listed online, including Google’s Business and Map listings. Other online listings that need to be updated feed into smartphones and GPS. Have you ever asked your iPhone to navigate to a location, and Siri tells you that it’s closing soon? Or give you the hours and the customer reviews? That information is being pulled from Bing.

Some GPS data comes from a subsidiary of Nokia.

Others are imported from the government office where you filed your incorporation papers.

Many people are finding themselves upset that they checked the hours of a business online before leaving home, only to arrive at a closed shop. If that’s ever happened to you, you already know that you may never return to that business because you are angry that your time has been wasted and you feel you’ve been lied to. Or at the very least, you conclude that the business is disorganized and careless.

However as a business owner, you know you don’t have time to log into multiple websites to update your hours. SiteInSight has the solution for you. Please contact us today to access our monthly plan for local search listings. This plan is $150/month, unless you are already a monthly customer of ours, in which case you will receive a discount on that rate. This will save you HOURS of your valuable time, and prevent the loss of business when customers become angry or discouraged by arriving when you are closed.

In the photo, you can see that Google has added new features to allow food business to indicate if they are allowing dine-in customers, and there is also an alert if you haven’t confirmed your hours recently at Google, which let’s customers know how confident they can be in your information.

In Ohio, Governor DeWine is asking businesses to take customers by appointment where possible, to minimize congregating and gathering in waiting areas. We also have a service for this. Please read about our appointment scheduling service, where you receive a button on your website that allows customers to schedule a time to visit.

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