Marketing Hack: Make a Conversational Chatbot

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Traditional marketing, where businesses tend to bombard customers with several ads and publication materials, have seen a steady decline over the last few years. Now, people are turning into the web to interact with people, and this is also true for businesses. In fact, it was found that over a billion messages are made each month – just for business queries alone! The ongoing trend is now shifting to a more personal and conversational form of marketing rather than the passive ones. You, as a brand, need to plan on how to utilize personal messaging so that your business may reach its full and widest potential.

Integrate Chatbots

While this may seem to sound as impersonal compared to real-person customer support, having a well-built chatbot can help you catch an additional number of customers whom the customer service support aren’t able to converse to.  Chatbots can be automated to answer the general FAQs of most people, and can also be integrated into payment platforms. The automation can save you a lot of money and manpower.

Avoid Over-Automation

Of course, everything that is in excess may lead to negative results. Chatbots are nice, but today’s technology limits the automation to some-rule based responses. Some chatbots employ machine learning algorithms, but at the end of the day, it still doesn’t provide the ‘personal’ factor that ultimately funnels in a new customer. If your data has shown that your chatbot has spoken to a customer, don’t leave them hanging and have the real person talk to them to eventually capture them as a customer.

Provide Value

Automation for the sake of being a techy business won’t produce desirable results. Every automation integrated into your system must provide value to the customers. Hire experience developers to incorporate well-built chatbots. Map out the general queries of customers and have a plan to lead them into paying for your service. Make the experience as authentic as possible.

Chatbots aren’t new, and I’m sure you might already have integrated one in your media accounts. What are the benefits that you have reaped so far with this technology? Share it with us here!

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