Resolving to Have More Leads from the Web?

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Almost every business plans for growth year-over-year, and when you ask a business owner where they will find new growth, he or she is likely to point to technology. In terms of marketing, it only makes sense to increase the number of leads that come from your website, social media, email outreach and internet ads.


Because that’s where your customers are, of course.

There are lots of internet advertising companies happy to take your money and report back to you that thousands of people saw your ad. If those tactics aren’t resulting in sales, it’s time to create a real strategy and make sure those “eyeballs” are actually going to your website and taking the action you want (such as contacting you, signing up for emails, using a coupon code, placing an order, requesting a quote).

We can help. Because we are also a small business, we recognize you don’t have thousands of dollars with which to “experiment.” We use proven methods, and we track the results so we can see if it’s working and change course if it’s not.

Are you thinking that this is still going to take a lot of your time? Fear not. We have a team of writers and creative people, ready to sit down with you or give you a call … spending 30 minutes can generate a month’s worth of blog articles and social media posts. Seriously. We’re real people. Here in your communities.

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